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Kalyan youth from Thane who joined ISIS, killed in Turkey in drone strike


Dombivli: Among the four Indian youth who had joined the terror outfit, ISIS in 2014, 22-year-old Aman Tandel has been reportedly killed in a drone attack in Turkey. The Tandel family based in Kalyan, received a call from an unknown person informing them of the same.

In 2014, four youth from Kalyan had joined the ISIS and later only one among them, Arif, returned home after  Indian authorities established contact with them. Indian agencies began investigations against Arif and his other colleagues’ disappearance. The first among these youth to have got killed, was Sahim Tanki in January 2015.

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On May 1, 2014, it was reported for the first time, that four youth from Kalyan namely Arif Arif, Fahad Shaikh, Sahim Tanki and Aman Tandel had joined the Iraq terror outfit, ISIS. This had shocked the entire nation that four Indian youth were also a part of this terror outfit.

Within three months after this news first appeared, it was reported that Arif had been killed in an attack. But later it was revealed that he was injured.

Meanwhile, Arif used this death news as an opportunity to slip into Turkey and continued his activities. At that time, Arif also re-established contact with his parents and expressed his desire to return to India.

Arif’s parents contacted NIA and shared this information with them. After co-operating with the intelligence agencies, who established contact with Arif through their local person. Investigations against Arif are still under way and he is serving a sentence in Mumbai’s Arthur Road jail. With Arif’s return it did seem like a possibility that the other three youth too would establish contact with Indian authorities and will return. However, in January 2015, the second youth, Sahim Tanki was reportedly killed in a suicide bombing. His family was shattered. It was then considered that the other two youth have been killed, as there was no communication with them. However, one of the youth, the one who had texted his family that the two were safe and since again there was no contact.

In May this year, the Iraqi ISIS outfit made a shocking video viral in which both Fahad Shaikh and Aman Tandel were visible.

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In this video, anti-India comments were made and both the Kalyan-born youth seemed happy. They spoke in that video saying that they were happy to have chosen to work for ISIS. After that again there was no contact or reports of both the youth. On Sunday, Aman’s father received a call from an anonymous person stating, “Your son has been killed in a drone attack.”

Indian agencies are investigating further to establish if this information is authentic.