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Mumbai: Iranians prepare for Nowruz


Mumbai: The Iranian New year’s Day, Nowruz, which is also known as Jamshidi Nowruz, will be marked on Tuesday. Jamshid was the benevolent king of Iran who discovered fire-cleansing and purifying nature of nature and giver of light. For seven thousands years, Nowruz is considered  to be reminiscent of the Greatness and dignity of man. This time the Iranian day is going to be celebrated on March 21.

The First Iranian month of ‘Farvardin’ tells about the genesis of nature when the world was created. On this day, the Iranian ‘Adam’, Kayomarth Farvad, was created to establish tradition  for humanity, and not to fall prey to his evil and carnal desires.

On the eve of Nowruz, the table is spread with seven articles all of which begin with the letter ‘Sin’ of the Persian alphabet. This table is called the ‘Sofrch Hoft Sin’ and the number seven is considered sacred in Persian mythodology and the seven dishes represent angelic herald of life.

Today, when the world is facing conflicts and distraction, the significance of this day is further enhanced- as it sound a bell for man to awaken his slumbering consciousness and lead mankind toward amity, and goodwill and peace.