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Mumbai: iPhone stuck in Central Railway local, Youth takes 3 hours to retrieve it


Mumbai: An 18-year-old teenager experienced the unforgettable journey by travelling more than three hours in an Asangaon bound train just to retrieve his iPhone worth Rs 62,000 only after the third attempt. The phone was stuck between two seats in the first class coach on Thursday afternoon. Nimish Asrani (18), a student of RD National College, Bandra said he boarded a 2.55 pm Asangaon semi-fast local from Dadar station and was sitting keeping his hand over the seat.

As the train crossed Diva station he felt a jerk and his iPhone fell between the gap of two seats.  “As the phone fell between the gap I tried to remove but was not possible as my hand could not go between the seats. So one of the fellow commuter called  the Railway Protection Force (RPF) helpline 182 and narrated the story after which RPF personnel said they will deal with the issue at Kalyan station,” added Asrani.

He further said after sometime they got a call and were informed it will not be possible for them to stop the train midway as Asangaon is the last station. “When the train reached the Asangaon, RPF head and his team came for the help but even they could not retrieve the phone. So I was confused and shocked now what should I do next,” Asrani said. He had some hopes by railway so he kept sitting in a train and started his journey back to to CSMT hoping he would get the phone back. “When the train reached CSMT, another team tried to retrieve it but even they fail to do so.

As train should not be delayed it left for Badlapur at 6.30 pm,” added Asrani. After losing all hopes Asrani approached the Government Railway Police (GRP) and filed a written complaint by narrating whole incident to them. After which the GRP official gave him assurance that phone will be retrieved by tonight once it goes to the car-shed. Finally after third attempt the phone was retrieved by a team at Badlapur and they informed Asrani’s family to can collect the phone from the station manager at Badlapur station.  -Staff Reporter

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