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Mumbai: IAS officer R Vimala’s poetry collection ’Man Rachnayen’ released with great pomp


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Mumbai: The poetry collection ‘Man Rachnayen’ and its CD written by the IAS Officer, Chief Executive Officer of Rural Livelihood Mission R Vimala were released at the hands of P G Raman in the presence of prominent singer Kailash Kher on Sunday at Chembur in Mumbai. Kurukshetra’s singer and composer Vikas Relhan has composed the poetries in his voice.

The book has a collection of 63 Hindi poems written by Vimala. The verses of human life are presented through the collection. Singer Kailash Kher expressed that the feelings and emotions of a sensitive person, sensitive mother and a sensitive officer can be understood through this book. Sumedha Kataria, senior official of Haryana, said, “Vimla is a Tamil native and she has equal command over various languages such as Marathi, Hindi and English. This could have been possible because of her love for various languages and art. Though her poetry collection ‘Man Rachnayen’ is the first poetry collection in Hindi, it would certainly inspire the readers.”

Vimala said that if the mind gets inspired, it becomes easy to achieve any goal in the world. ‘Man Rachnayen’ is the poetic collection of power and love. She said that she has tried to express human mind, emotions, positive thinking, love and dedication in the poems. This CD was released in program. This organised work has also been made available on YouTube

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