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Mumbai: Haven’t repaired rickety building? Get ready for an FIR


Bhayandar: Alarmed by the series of crashes and cave in’s, the MBMC has decided to act tough against those who haven’t taken steps to ensure stability of old structures. As per information from the MBMC’s Public Works Department (PWD), 1267 pre-1995 buildings were surveyed in 2013 out which 948 were asked to conduct structural stability tests. While occupants of 938 buildings responded to the notices and submitted the stability status certificates, there is no official data available to indicate just how many buildings actually underwent the needed repairs. Since then, there has been no comprehensive survey, but according to sources, the number is much higher today.

“Many societies seem to have blatantly ignored our pleas and warnings to take steps to ensure the structural stability of their buildings. Apart from conducting structural audits by our own teams and recovering the charges from the occupants, those who have continued to evade mandated repairs will be booked under the relevant sections of the MRTP,” said MBMC’s executive engineer Deepak Khambit.

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As per law, it is obligatory on the part of every owner and occupier of buildings, which are more than 30 years old (or have been issued notices), to have them inspected and get the corrective repairs as suggested by the structural engineer and submit a fitness certificate to the MBMC.