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Mumbai: ‘Have a noise-free Independence Day, dahi handi’


Mumbai: The Professional Audio & Lighting Association (PALA), representing the sound & lighting professionals in the 29 states and seven union territories, has called for a state-wide mute day on August 15 on the occasion of Independence Day & dahi handi celebration. President of the association Roger Drego stated that to highlight the problems faced usually by them due to the misinterpretation of law, incorrect implementation of the ruling made by the Supreme Court and misleading facts presented by a couple of individuals to the competent authorities on Sound Pollution the stand has been taken.

Drego, further added, “The call for the mute day was very important and crucial. As per Bombay High Court order loudspeaker decibel(db) should not go beyond 75 db. Therefore, in order to co-operate with the law and order and abide by the rules set by the Court. And since the 75 decibel threshold is impossible to maintain, which in obvious, even if the Sound Operator wishes too, we rather not end up on the wrong side and call upon more troubles on ourselves.”

All Sound & Light Associations active across Maharashtra have pledged their support to PALA’s call for Unity because the Loudspeaker Ban echoing all across the state has put a serious question mark on the future of the Sound and Light Industry, on the ongoing business and the lakhs of people (families) who are directly impacted, as their livelihood is dependent on the Income generated from the services rendered.