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Mumbai: Gym trainer commits suicide after brawl over common love interest


Nagpur: In a case of a love triangle which turned fatal, a gym trainer working in upscale Byramji Town committed suicide by hanging himself.

The gym trainer who was assaulted by an unidentified Khaki clad cop with a helmet, which was recorded on a CCTV camera at the gym. As per details available, the victim, identified as Prakash Jhakhar alias James alias Joseph Patrick, 31, took the extreme step after he felt humiliated and insulted as he was beaten before his gym clients and colleagues.

His companions revealed that he was depressed for some days and had experienced extreme mood swings.

It has emerged that James was in a romantic relationship with a lady constable, Suzy James, who happens to be his neighbour, for the past one year. Sources said the lady was in a relationship with an unknown man too. This could be the same man who entered the gym and assaulted the gym trainer.

The gym trainer committed suicide with a nylon rope at his residence at Martin Nagar. Sources added that the victim was beaten on two occasions. Once when the unknown man came to gym alone and hit him. Later, the same assailant accompanied the lady constable and assaulted the trainer again in the parking lot of the gym.

According to details from other sources the gym trainer had locked himself in a pantry for a while. After which he is said to have left for the lady constable’s residence. There both James and the lady had a heated argument with the mother of the lady and police say the lady allegedly snatched his cell phone. It is after this that James went home and took the extreme step.