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Mumbai: GRP detained 4 women for assaulting a 54-year-old over a seat in a local, see video


A day after nearly five to six women ganged up and allegedly intimidated and assaulted a 54-year-old+ co-passenger following a seat row near Kalyan railway station on Wednesday morning, the GRP on Thursday morning laid trap in the same train and detained four women in the case.

The elderly lady named Charumati Velhad was physically assaulted by a gang of 6 ladies while travelling in a local train from Kalyan to CSMT. The old lady was left with nail marks all over her hands and her clothes were torn. Chirumurti, a bank employee and has her office in CSMT. The lady everyday boards a return train from Kalyan as it is difficult for her to get on the train from Dombivali (her residence) and would then take the same train to CSMT.

The victim told the leading daily, “since I found it tough to board the local at Dombivli railway station due to heavy rush, she usually took the down local to Kalyan and from there travelled by the same train to CSMT.” On Wednesday, she boarded the train at 8.36am, and when the train reached Kalyan, some women commuters, in the age group of 25-30 years, objected to her boarding the Kalyan-bound train at Dombivali and asked her to get off. When she refused to do so, the women started abusing and misbehaving with her. They snatched her bag and asked her to stand, but when she refused to budge, they assaulted her and tore my clothes. The assault stopped only after Velhad threatened to file a complaint. On reaching CSMT station, she approached the CSMT GRP who filed a noncognisable offence. According to Velhad, the same group of women had picked a fight with her on the seat issue a few days back too.

Meanwhile, CSMT GRP has registered an NC against the accused and have forwarded the case to Kalyan GRP for futher probe. However, last Thursday, a video showing commuters assaulting another passenger over a seat had gone viral.