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Mumbai: Government goes slow on cashless mediclaim for teachers


Mumbai: The cashless mediclaim programme announced by the Maharashtra state education minister in 2015, seems to be taking baby steps. The authorities are being cautious to avoid making mistakes as in the past and wary whether it will be a success. The official stand of the department is the matter ‘under is consideration.’

The government is yet to float a tender invting insurance companies interested to be a part of the programme. “We have to take care that insurance companies don’t take us for a ride,” said an official who did not wish to be named. He alleged there is a likelihood of ‘nexus’ between the teachers and other parties.  “It may also be possible that there is a nexus between our teachers the hospitals and insurance companies. Then we will be cheated for more money.”

Another official added, “Anything that involves a financial burden, needs approval from the cabinet.” The government is still working on the nuances of this programme whether to make it optional or compulsory for teachers. The idea is to tie up with government hospitals as well as private. They are still working out what kind of coverage to give for different diseases and ailments.

Teachers had demanded a cashless mediclaim policy similar to the Mumbai Police Kutumb Aarogya Yojana that started in 2005 for the police. “We have seen that there were some problems with that scheme and we don’t want to repeat the same mistakes,” said the official, adding that it may take time to be launched because they are plugging the loopholes. The government has engaged a consultant to mediate between the insurance companies, the hospitals and the government.

The demand for cashless mediclaim came from teachers in the backdrop of delays in getting reimbursements of their medical bills from the education department.