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Mumbai: Gokuldas Tejpal hospital gets new cancer ward


Mumbai: The state-run Gokuldas Tejpal (GT) Hospital is starting a new cancer ward that will treat the increasing number of cases of head and neck cancer that are caused due to chewing of gutka and tobacco.

In fact the head and neck cancer is the most common form of this deadly disease in men and the fifth most common among women in India. In a developing country like India, cancer treatment is a very expensive and unaffordable for the poor and middle class.

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Medical superintendent of GT Hospital, Dr Mukund Tayade, said this will be a ward with 50 beds that will cater to both gender patients and will provide them with the entire range of facilities. “We will get specialised surgeons from Tata Memorial Hospital. These specialists will be here for only the operations purpose and they will also train our doctors and staff,” he said.

Dr Tayade further explained that while the surgery will be done at GT Hospital, the patients will be taken to Cama Hospital for radiotherapy. “In this case, we will have to take special permission for the male patients since Cama Hospital is basically meant for women and children,” he pointed out. Depending on the severity of the case, the patients will also administered chemotherapy as part of the cancer treatment.

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The hospital is also making efforts to upgrade the surgical intensive care unit that will be required for treating the patients. “We will be adding three more beds to the current bed strength of seven and this will be useful in stabilising the patients after the surgery,” he said.

The renovation of this ward has begun and it will begin to function in the next two months.