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Mumbai: Fraudsters withdraw Rs 6.83 lakh through forged cheques


Bhayandar: A 46-year-old pet shop owner lost Rs 6.83 lakh to a serious bank related fraud after the amount was fraudulently withdrawn from his savings account in the Mira Road branch of a reputed multi-state scheduled co-operative banking institution. Shockingly, the fraudsters used two counterfeit cheques to carry out the transaction, which mysteriously went undetected while being cleared by the concerned bank officials.

According to the police, they have started investigations into the case of financial fraud after a complaint in this context was registered by Riyaz Shaikh. In his statement to the police, Shaikh said that he was surprised to receive a text alert message from the bank informing about his balance, which according to him was a whooping Rs 6.83 lakh lesser than the actual figure.

Shaikh rushed to the bank and was shocked to learn that the withdrawals were effected on the virtue of two cheques amounting Rs 3.40 lakh and Rs 3.43 lakh, which the bank officials claimed had been issued by him from his account. Inquiries later revealed the amounts had been withdrawn through fake cheques and forged signatures as the account holder was still in possession of the cheque-leaves bearing the same numbers which were used for the fraudulent transactions.

“We have registered a case under Section 420 of the IPC. Investigations were underway,” confirmed Senior Police Inspector Vasant Labdhe. However, it is still not clear as to how the serial number of the cheques and account balance was disclosed and most importantly how the fraudsters managed to pull it off by forging the signature of the authorized signatory.