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Mumbai: Electric mail train engine run 13kms on its own, loco pilot chases it on bike


In a bizarre incident today loco pilot of train was chasing driver-less electric engine for almost 13 km on bike. Around 3 pm, the Mumbai Mail from Chennai had reached Wadi. The electric line ends at Wadi and electric engines are detached from trains and attached with a diesel engine for its journey from thereon to Solapur.

When it was the turn of Mumbai Mail, the electric engine was detached and the pilot had stepped out. Within moments, the engine of the train made its way out of the platform as the pilot looked on flabbergasted.

The Wadi station authorities immediately informed the next few stations to clear the signals and tracks and stop trains coming from the opposite direction.The electric engine was cruising at 30kmph and the Wadi station manager JN Paris and the loco pilot set off after the runaway engine on a bike.

The chase finally ended at around 3.50pm as the engine slowed. The loco pilot clambered onto the engine and managed to stop it.