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Mumbai: Driver tells court Indrani killed daughter Sheena Bora


Photo by BL SONI

Mumbai: Indrani Mukerjea’s driver Shyamvar Rai, co-accused, witness and approver in the Sheena Bora murder case, told the court on Friday that his employer had told him that she would kill Sheena Bora and her step-son Mikhail.

Rai disclosed the chilling details of how Sheena was killed. He said Indrani overpowered Sheena and strangulated her after getting Sheena on her lap. Earlier, Rai said, Indrani had disclosed that she wanted to kill both her daughter and son Mikhail as they called her ‘mom’ in public.

“Madam had assured me that she will be taking the responsibility of my child’s education and also the medical expenses of my family would be borne by her,” Rai added.

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Recalling that fateful day, Rai stated, “Madam overpowered Sheena and strangulated her by sitting on her lap while Sanjeev (Khanna, her former husband) had held Sheena by her hair and I gagged her…The next day after burning the body of Sheena in the forests of Raigad, Madam dropped me at Bandra.”

Rai told the court that Peter Mukherjea too was involved in the conspiracy to kill Sheena and that Indrani had kept her husband in the loop about the plan. Rai said that Indrani had discussed the place where Sheena’s body would be disposed of with Peter.

Terming the entire “confession” as “tutored”, Shreyansh Mithare, the advocate of Khanna, said, “Whatever he told the court today was word-to-word the same what he had stated in his statements before the magistrate. This is nothing but a tutored witness and I am sure he will be exposed during the cross-examination.”