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Mumbai Crime: Doctor practices medicine with brother’s degree, claims 25-year-old’s life


Mumbai: A 25-year-old man, Pradeep Jadhav died on Wednesday after a doctor gave him an injection during the course of treatment. Later, it was learnt that the doctor was practicing medicine using his brother’s degree as his own.

The fake doctor Shahbaaz Akan Siddiqui has an HSC pass certificate and has been using his brother’s degree in his dispensary. The police during the investigation learnt that he was using his brother’s degree for last four years. He also learnt to administer injections from his brother.

According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, Jadhav, a resident of Govandi, was suffering from fever for a week before he could consult Siddiqui. Jadhav consulted Siddiqui on November 5. Siddiqui gave him medicines for a day; when Jadhav visited the clinic again the next day, as he wasn’t better, Siddiqui gave him an injection and more medicines.

According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, Jadhav visited the clinic again on November 7 only to find the clinic closed. So he went to another doctor at Tata Nagar, Govandi. Jadhav returned to Siddiqui’s clinic the next day, it was still closed. Jadhav then went to Shatabdi Hospital from there he was sent to Rajawai Hospital, which referred him to Sion Hospital. Sion Hospital asked him to go to KEM Hospital. Jadhav passed away on his way to KEM.

Senior Inspector Dattatray Shinde said to Mumbai Mirror, Jadhav’s postmortem report suggested he was given a wrong injection, resulting in his death. Siddiqui was arrested under Sections 304 and 420, and Sections 33, 36 of the Medical Act. “We found Siddiqui’s degree actually belonged to his brother. It is a BUMS [Unani medicine] degree from Azamgarh, UP.” Siddiqui is remanded in police custody till November 15. Police are also planning to question his brother.