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Mumbai Crime: Bid to kidnap schoolgirl at knife point fails


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Mumbai: A 13-year-old schoolgirl was saved by a passer-by in a failed kidnapping bid. The said incident happened when a gang of youths were allegedly trying to abduct her (schoolgirl) at knife point in broad daylight.

The horrific incident, which took place near KT Vision theatre in Vasai on Monday, sent shock waves in the locality. So bold was the kidnap attempt that one of the youths, part of a gang of eight, allegedly dragged the girl by her hand for a few metres after threatening her with knife. They fled on their bikes only after the man, alarmed by the girl’s screams, charged towards them, said the girl, who has registered an FIR with Manikpur police. Two have been arrested, reported Mumbai Mirror.

According to the FIR, the girl, who lives in Gokhivare, Vasai East, goes to a girls’ school at Vasai West with a friend every day. On Monday, she was late and the friend left before her. Her uncle offered to drop her to school, but then dropped her at Labour Naka as he had some work, the FIR said.

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“She had reached KT Vision theatre and took the lane to go towards her school when a youth approached her and asked her to go with him. Another pointed a knife towards her. When she refused, he dragged her by her hands towards a group of around seven youths,” said a police officer probing the case.

Scared after the act, the minor started screaming that alarmed a man nearby. “The uncle came to my rescue. The boys then fled the scene on four bikes,” the girl said in the FIR. The girl later informed her parents, who approached the Manikpur police station to look into the matter.

Rekha Londhe, police inspector of Manikpur police station, said that no arrest has been made till now. “The girl has said that she knew a few of them by face and they live in Devipada, a neighbouring locality of Gokhivare,” Londhe added.