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Mumbai Crime: 23-year-old Chennai man accused of rape and murder, arrested again after escaping


Mumbai: A Chennai man, who was on the run after escaping from the custody of Chennai police, has been nabbed again in a joint effort of the Mumbai police and the Chennai police.

The 23-year-old was out on bail for raping and murdering a seven-year-old girl in Chennai. He was also suspected to have murdered his mother and hence the Chennai police arrested him again in Mumbai. However, he escaped from Chennai police’s custody and was later rearrested on Friday from South Mumbai.

On Wednesday, he was arrested near the race course while betting on horses. When he was rearrested, he was caught doing the same. However, second time around he had changed his look, he cut his hair and shaved his beard.

Dawant, the accused, was roaming the city with handcuffs on his right hand hidden under the full-sleeved t shirt. The accused now has a case at Vile Parle police station as well for fleeing from custody.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (zone 8) Anil Kumbare said to the Indian Express, “Our team working with the Chennai Police arrested Daswant from south Mumbai. We arrested him in connection with an offence registered at Vile Parle police station.” An officer from the Vile Parle police station said for the second time in a row, he was arrested while betting on horses in south Mumbai.