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Mumbai cops gets segways to ensure smoother ride


Watching youngsters ride Segways on the Marine Drive promenade has become a usual sighting nowadays, especially after the craze for the self-balancing electric scooter hit the city two years ago. And now as if they were not enough to disrupt traffic on the walkers side, the Mumbai Police will now also join them.

Yes! According to sources, in order to make patrolling sessions less tiring and daunting, cops posted at Marine Drive and Girgaum Chowpatty will be given Segways to keep tight vigilance. The decision has been taken to ensure better enforcement of traffic rules in Mumbai. Last week, Joint Commissioner (Law and Order) Deven Bharti issued a notification to all police stations across the city to carry out parallel drives along with the traffic police. Mumbai Police officers can now book motorists for traffic offences.

Any officer in uniform can penalize motorists for any unlawful activity. Based on this by-law, we have now been asked to carry out parallel drives. The Mumbai traffic police has a total strength of 3,500. Of them, 3,300 are part of the constabulary. The Mumbai Police with its 50,000-strong constabulary will now fine drivers for traffic violations such as riding motorcycles with helmets, driving without wearing the seat belt, jumping the signal.

In June 2015, the Mumbai Police had launched a massive bicycle-patrolling project. Around 24 bicycles were procured for cops patrolling on Juhu and Girgaum Chowpatty and the Shivaji Park beach. While bicycles require manual effort, the Segway, which has a maximum speed of 20kmph and can run for five to seven hours once charged, will be less demanding on the staff. Hence, it will make the job a lot easier and will also increase efficiency when it comes to ensuring safety and security.