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Mumbai: Cops make conflicting claims on motive behind murder of HDFC Bank vice president


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Mumbai: The NM Joshi Marg Police and Mumbai crime branch unit 3 seem to be at loggerheads, contradicting each other on the motive behind the murder of the vice president of HDFC Bank, Siddharth Sanghvi, 39, and his call detail records (CDRs).

The Mumbai crime branch unit 3 has denied that the accused Sarfaraz Shaikh, 20, made any threatening phone call to Siddharth’s father on September 8.Sanjay Nikumbhe, Senior Police Inspector, Mumbai crime branch unit-3, said, “The motive behind the murder is not robbery. As per Call Detail Records (CDRs) of Siddharth Sanghvi, the accused Sarfaraz Shaikh had not made any calls to Kiran on September 8. Before our counterparts retrieved the Call Detail Records, we had already obtained the transcripts. The motive behind the murder is not robbery.”Meanwhile, NM Joshi Marg Police are probing whether there were any financial transactions by Sarfaraz. Pandit Thorat, Senior Police Inspector, NM Joshi Marg police station, said, “We are checking if there were any financial transactions by Shaikh on Sanghvi’s

debit and credit cards which are still missing. However, nothing has been found so far. Sanghvi’s wallet too is untraceable.”Dr Harish Pathak, Head of Forensics, King Edward Memorial Hospital, said, “There is a possibility of more than one person being involved in the murder since 13 stab wounds were found on his back, abdomen, chest and throat. Our preliminary findings indicate it is a case of homicide; the sole intention was to kill Siddharth.”On Monday, Abhinash Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone 3) had said, “Sarfaraz had made a threatening call from his mobile number to Siddharth’s father Kiran that his son was safe and doing fine. Sarfaraz told Kiran over the phone, “Aapko idhar udhar jaane ki zaroorat nahi hain. Aapka beta theek hai.” He had allegedly removed Siddharth’s SIM card from his mobile phone and inserted his own to call Kiran. This helped police trace Sarfaraz’s location to Airoli, it was claimed. Siddharth’s body was kept in the legroom area of the rear seat in the car. The body was found early on Monday.