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Mumbai: Congress, NCP split over anti-government stir


Mumbai: In a bid to show strength of the party, Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) have organised separate protest marches at Vidhan Bhavan in Nagpur during the winter session of the state legislature. Both opposition parties are split over protesting against the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-Shiv Sena alliance instead of holding a single huge morcha. Meanwhile, BJP stated that the opposition has no existence and the march will be a flop show.

The NCP will hold ‘Halla-Bol’ protest on November 27 across the state. Later, the party has organised a long march from Yavatmal in Vidarbha from December 1. “All legislators and members of the Upper House as well as party functionaries and party workers will join the long march. The march will reach Nagpur Vidhan Bhavan on December 11, the first day of the winter session,” said Nawab Malik, a party spokesperson.

According to Malik, the final route of long march is yet to be decided. Probably, the schedule will be finalised on November 22, he said. Malik further said, “Congress and the NCP are both separate political parties and we have the right to strengthen our base in Vidarbha region like Congress.”

He added that the party chief Sharad Pawar received unexpected and tremendous response from the people of Vidarbha. Pawar visited Gondia, Chandrapur, Vardha, Amaravati and other cities in Vidarbha. Pawar stated that the time has come to throw away the BJP and the Shiv Sena from power.

Meanwhile, Manikrao Thakre, Congress leader from Vidarbha region and vice chairman of the Upper House said that the Congress has initiated its strategy to hold the march at Nagpur Vidhan Bhavan. “The Congress will hold its march on December 13, the third day of the winter session and NCP will hold its protest on the first day,” said Thakre.

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He added that Vidarbha remains the bastion of the Congress and hence the march would be huge. The Congress too has planned to hold long marches which will get postponed due to the Gujarat Assembly polls. “Our party leaders are engaged in the Gujarat Assembly poll and hence, we have postponed the long march,” said Thakre, adding that it was scheduled to begin from Aurangabad and through parts of Jalgaon to cover the western Vidarbha region.

BJP spokesperson Madhav Bhandari said, “It is the past for Congress to have Vidarbha as its bastion. The leaders of Congress have to accept, that they do not existence in Vidarbha.”  He added that the NCP must not even try to hold march in Vidarbha, as it will be a big flop show.