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Mumbai: Confusion over cause behind girl’s death in BMC school


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Mumbai: The deceased, Chandni Sahil Sheikh, was administered iron supplements on Monday at her school as part of a deworming and immunisation programme. She had, however, attended school on Wednesday and Thursday and suddenly died after vomiting blood at home on Thursday night. Only her post-mortem will give clarity about the cause of death.

‘‘There may be other medical co-morbidities or history that we are unaware of,” said Dr Pradeep Jadhav. Additional Municipal Commissioner Idzes Kundan has claimed that Chandni was diagnosed with TB but they are not aware if she was on medication. Her body has been sent to JJ Hospital for a post-mortem examination. Forensic experts said that her viscera samples had been preserved and sent to Kalina Forensic Laboratory for histopathology findings.

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As regards the other children, executive health officer Dr Padmaja Keskar said that they had complained of abdominal pain and vomiting on Friday morning. “All the children were examined by the paediatrician and kept under observation for a few hours. Some children complained of nausea and giddiness, however no one had any major symptom or signs,” added Dr Keskar. The FDA has collected samples of the iron supplements for laboratory testing.

The BMC held a de-worming exercise on August 6 and used medicines provided by the state government. The local BMC health post used albenazone tablet for deworming, which essentially kills tapeworm, roundworms and hookworms that may be present in a person’s digestive system. Following this, iron and folic acid tablets were given to children. “Depending on the child’s health, folic acid may be given for 15-30 days. For anaemic kids, it is given for a prolonged period. Worms can cause a drop in haemoglobin level,” a health official from the civic body said.


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