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Mumbai: Civic hospitals ready to combat monsoon ailments


Mumbai: Even though Mumbaikars have witnessed the pre-monsoon showers, the monsoon can reach the city anytime by next week. The hospitals will be filled with patients due to the outbreak of several diseases during the first rain. To tackle this situation, the health department of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has made adequate arrangement in all the civic hospitals and have also trained doctors to deal with emergency cases and monsoon-related diseases.

The health official claimed that all the civic-run hospitals are ready to combat an outbreak of monsoon-related ailments. “We have given a special attention to the management of doctors for dealing with the emergency cases and medicines,” said health official.

The official further said that they have increased the number of beds in all the civic hospitals and have complete stocks of medicines so that during any emergency no problem should be there. “Around 2,800 beds have been set up in 19 civics hospitals, 500 doctors, nurses and more than 3000 medical paramedical staffs from private and government hospitals have been trained to tackle the monsoon-related illness,” said Sunil Dhamne, Deputy Municipal Commissioner of Health Department.

A separate monsoon ward will be constructed in all the hospitals with an increase beds which will be reserved for the patients suffering from any monsoon-related disease. “More than 2000 beds will be set in the monsoon ward in each civic hospitals. For the prevention of diseases like dengue and malaria, more than 30 lakh houses in the city has been scrutinized,” said Dhamne.

As mosquitoes breed during the monsoon season, cases of malaria and dengue are usually on the rise. While wading through contaminated water, people contract the Leptospirosis-bacterial disease. “The civic body will also set up 100 health camps in the city because last year cases of jaundice, gastroenteritis, dengue, malaria, leptospirosis were reported in most of the civic-run hospitals,” said the health official.

The cases of leptospirosis have increased in the city which is spread through the cattle’s urine or excreta gets mixed up with water during monsoon. “Considering the increase in a number of cases of diseases like dengue, malaria, and leptospirosis, awareness message will be spread soon through newsletter, radio, banner, and television,” added health official.

Various health programs will be conducted in all the wards to make people aware how to prevent the spreading of diseases. Fumigations will be done in the area where they had found larvae of dengue and malaria.