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Mumbai: Civic body to declare Shardashram School illegal if it starts ICSE board


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Mumbai: Parents of students studying at Shardashram Vidya Mandir (SVM), Dadar have opposed the school’s decision to begin admissions of Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) from Class 1 to 4. Due to this constant pressure, the civic education committee has decided to declare SVM as unauthorised if the school continues to carry on with ICSE admissions.

Parents have been protesting constantly as the school made a decision to shift from Secondary School Certificate (SSC) board to private board in April. Parents claimed the school was forcing them to secure admissions in ICSE when the children would not be able to cope with this new board suddenly. Parents approached the Yuva Sena and Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) regarding this matter.

Due to mounting pressure from parents and political bodies, the school decided to start ICSE board from Class 1 to 4 instead of Class 1 to 5. Also, the school scheduled admissions for ICSE from Class 1 to 4 from May 8 to 10. While, students could take admissions in SSC for Class 5 to 10. Large number of parents of students of primary section approached the civic education committee opposing the forceful decision of the school to secure admissions to ICSE on Thursday.

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Now, BMC education committee claimed they will declare the school as ‘unauthorised’ if they continue with admissions to ICSE from Class 1 to 4. Mangesh Satamkar, Chairman of BMC education committee, told The Free Press Journal, “We will declare Shardashram School as illegal if they continue to conduct admissions for ICSE without the approval of parents. The school should have started ICSE admissions from Class 1 and then started other classes gradually instead of directly starting ICSE board for Class 1 to 4. We will declare the school as unauthorised and if the school does not adhere then we will deal with them in our own way.”

On the other hand, the school management claimed they will continue with admissions as they have received a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from state education department. Subhash Jadhav, administrative officer of the school stated, “We have got a NOC from the state education department. We have been having talks with the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) and we will go on with the admissions.”

The Controversial Story So far…

– Shardashram Vidya Mandir (SVM) school, Dadar, decided to shift from SSC to ICSE board from Class 1 to 5 towards the end of April.
– Parents protested on school campus opposing sudden decision of the school.
– Yuva Sena supported the parents and approached BMC education committee.
– SVM decided to continue SSC board for Class 5 to 10 but started admissions for ICSE for Class 1 to 4 from May 8 till 11.
– School received NOC from state education department for the same.
– Parents protested over this decision on May 17.
– BMC education committee chairman Mangesh Satamkar has decided to declare school as illegal and unauthorised if they continue with ICSE board.