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Mumbai: CCTV cameras now installed in post-mortem centers


Mumbai: After a demand by the public that the post mortem centres be completely transparent in their functioning, closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) have been installed at these locations since last ten days.

The decision came into being after repeated demands from public who have raised objections with the way the PM centres have been functioning. It has been reported previously that the staff has not been following the rules of handing over money and alleged to have demanded money for these procedures.

“The staff tries to scare the public by telling them that it takes a long time to get the post mortem done. But this can be taken care of if the relatives part with some money,” a senior official said.

According to Dr SM Patil, police surgeon, and in charge of the post mortem centres in the city, there have been instances of relatives facing harassment at the hands of the staff at these centres. “These CCTV cameras will help us keep a check on the staff and ensure that they will not harass or create problems for the public,” he said. These centres are located at major hospitals like Sir Jamshedjee Jejeebhoy (JJ), Cooper, Rajwawadi, Siddharth and Bhagwati hospitals.

Even though the autopsy examinations are done as per the sequence, the staff help some to cut queues on bribe it is alleged.

Dr Patil said they have selected some vantage points for installing cameras, in the five centres, where they feel such money changing hands can take place. “Mainly, the CCTV cameras will focus on the counters where the paperwork is done for handing over the body to the relatives. Also at vantage points where we feel certain demands are been made,” he said.  Furthermore, Dr Patil will get a live feed from all the five centres soon after the screen in his office is installed.

The previous attempts of trying to curb corruption like putting up notice boards that gave telephone numbers of senior officials. These numbers were scratched out by miscreants.  “We are taking every possible step to curb such corrupt practices and want that the public should not face any such problems,” he assured.