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Mumbai car towing incident: 2nd video shows that woman and seven-month-old baby were not in car initially


Mumbai: The Chairperson of Maharashtra’s Women Commission has written a letter to the Mumbai Traffic police wanting to know the action that is being taken against the constable who towed the car in which a woman was feeding her seven-month-old baby. But she was a guarded in her comment and indicated that the role of the mother also needs to be examined, if she had indeed jumped with the infant into the moving car.

The missive was sent even as another video capturing the incident of the car being towed surfaced on Sunday, turning the whole argument over the controversy on its head.  Yesterday, when the video went viral on social media, the internet came out in large numbers to slam the Mumbai Traffic Police for their insensitivity. However, the latest video shot on a mobile phone shows that the seven-month-old baby was not inside the car but in the arms of another family member when the Mumbai Traffic Police warned that they will tow the vehicle away. This is an indication that the situation could have been averted by the parent.

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 The footage contradicts the account of the woman named Jyoti Male, who had told ANI that the policemen did not even ask her to get down before towing the car.

The chairperson of the women’s commission said strict action should be taken against the policeman, but added if the woman had acted irresponsibly, a case should be registered against her as well. “When I saw the video last night, my first reaction was that the police personnel should be suspended and action should be taken against him. But I read in the morning that the mother kept sitting inside the moving car. Our first concern in such a situation should be about the child,’’ Sharma said.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has condemned the incident and told ANI: “It is very unfortunate and absolutely insensitive and dangerous to tow the vehicle with the lady and the child inside. The cop is suspended and orders have been given to sensitise traffic cops so as to prevent such incidents.” The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic (Suburb) Sanjay Jadhav has been asked to probe the matter. Mali lives with her husband and children in Charkop, Kandivali (west). On Friday, she had visited a doctor in Malad with her husband when the incident took place.