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Mumbai: Cama Hospital doctors down with dengue


Mumbai: Despite being a stone’s throw away from the headquarters of the municipal corporation, three resident doctors from Cama Hospital are down with dengue and are currently recuperating from this condition.

According to hospital sources, there are three resident doctors from the pathology department who have been diagnosed with dengue during last week.

“My colleague first developed high fever with severe body ache and headache and was not able to carry out her normal work,” said one resident doctor.

Initially, she tried to take some medicines on her own and tried to bring down the fever and fatigue, but she did not recover much. Finally, the resident doctor had to go to her family house and got a blood test done and which confirmed that she had dengue, sources said.

With a couple of days, two other resident doctors were also diagnosed with the same condition and had to take leave from their work. “While on one hand, the hospital makes us work round the clock to treat the patients, on the other hand we get no help from them when we fall sick,” another doctor said.

One of the affected resident doctors said that she has been unwell for last few days and even her platelet count has come down drastically. “My family is doing the best that it can for my treatment, but no one from the hospital administration has even bothered to ask about my condition,” she revealed.

When asked about this, Dr Rajeshree Khatke, medical superintendent of Cama Hospital denied that any resident doctors were down with dengue. However, she declined to talk any further on this matter.

Sources said that several resident doctors do not even have proper accommodations and many of them are forced to sleep in the wards itself.