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Mumbai: BMC aims to merge 63 schools


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Mumbai: Students of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) schools will be shifted as over 63 schools will be merged before this academic year begins in June. These schools are being merged with nearby civic-run schools as they do not have sufficient number of students attending classes.

Around 90 BMC schools have been identified where the attendance is zero or bare minimum. BMC education committee has decided to merge 63 schools out of these where the attendance is extremely low. Students have not been attending classes due to various reasons like infrastructure problem, quality of education and lack of facilities.

Schools, where the attendance is zero, will be merged with nearby BMC schools. While some schools have different mediums according to language and have low attendance in these particular mediums. These particular mediums will be merged with other nearby BMC schools where the same medium of language is available.

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This decision has been taken in order to reduce the drop-out rate of BMC schools. A senior officer of BMC education committee said, “Large number of schools have only two to three students in one class. Both teachers and students are often discouraged to continue in such classes where there are a handful of students. Students then tend to quit school and shift to other private schools for further education where there are large number of students.”

Merging these schools will also prevent students from quitting schools. “There is not point of running a school where there are no students. Teachers, facilities and all other resources are wasted if there are no students to avial education. Merging schools will help maintain attendance and encourage students and teachers to continue in such schools,” the officer added.

Parents claimed BMC schools need to improve their standards in order to encourage students to secure education. Prashant Mahadik, a parent said, “Why are students not attending schools? Why is there low attendance in BMC schools? The education department should figure out such issues and find a way to tackle the problem. Shutting schools and merging them is not the solution but improving standard of education in BMC schools will help students.”