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Mumbai: BEST plans to appoint IAS cadre officer for overhaul


Mumbai: The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) is suffering from huge financial crisis. However, to cover the loss now the civic commissioner is planning to appoint an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) cadre officer to look after the working of transport undertaking.

BEST committee chairman Anil Kokil on Monday raised a point of order on it and took attention of BMC over the new planning of BMC civic chief and demanded clarification on it. Supporting BEST chairman Prabhakar Shinde, the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) corporator suggested that the General Corporation committee head call the commissioner and get the issue cleared. Meanwhile, he also remarked it seems the administration is doubting corporators who have been elected by the people. As appointing an administrator means curtailing the powers of corporators.

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The Leader of Opposition (LOP) Ravi Raja stated that the idea of appointing an administrative officer is shocking. “I read few reports in some newspaper about the new move of BMC. I understand that to take out BEST from financial problem BMC is planning ways but already there is an IAS cadre officer who sits on the General Manager post, then why there is a need of another officer. By bringing such proposals BMC is planning to decrease the powers of corporators.”

Replying to worries raised by the corporators from all parties Ajoy Mehta, the BMC commissioner stated, “It’s only a proposal and any decision on it would have to be taken by the civic house finally.” He also made it clear that to appoint an administrator an amendment would be required to be made in the Mumbai Municipal Corporation act (MMC). “Currently the situation of BEST is such that everyone has raised concerns over it.

In a few months giving salaries also may be a problem and we may not be able to sustain it as well. And no wants BEST to be privatized as the poor and middle-income group people use the service. Therefore, the planned instructions should be followed to improve the condition,” said Mehta.