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Mumbai: Banking on rebels, former civic chief floats outfit to counter BJP


Bhayandar: Peeved over the deliberate attempts within the party to undermine his authority in the local politic and the alleged renege on promises by the local BJP leadership, bureaucrat-turned-neta, Shivmurthi Naik has taken a plunge to float a new outfit- Mira Bhayandar Sangharsh Morcha, to explore the political waters for the first time in the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) elections which are expected to be held in the first week of August this year.

Interestingly Naik’s   “Morcha” is banking upon the support of like minded political leaders especially staunch BJP loyalist turned rebel including Omprakash Garodia  and likely dropouts from other parties.

Known for his unconventional style of working, Naik was given the title of ‘Malak” by people of the twin-city where he was posted as chief officer, deputy commissioner and finally MBMCcommissioner following which he retired in 2011 and  jumped into the BJP bandwagon with dreams  to take over the organizational set up of  the party and contest the assembly elections.

However his dreams were shattered prompting him to jump into the political arena on the virtue of support from BJP rebels.

Even as the local BJP leadership is visibly shocked by the surprising move,  political observers have described the Mira Bhayandar Sangharsh Morcha as a pack of disgruntled leaders led by an opportunist bureaucrat without any ideological commitment which will hardly have any impact on the electoral arithmetic of the municipal corporation.

Over the last few months, there has been intense completion between the Sena and the BJP to woo corporators and leaders from other parties, ahead of MBMC polls. While the BJP has emerged stronger and more dominant in the region, a large section of disillusioned corporators and leaders from the NCP and Congress  have already taken refuge in the saffron parties.