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Mumbai: Ban on sale of firecrackers in residential areas already in place since October 2016


Mumbai: A ban on sale of firecrackers in residential areas is in force in Maharashtra since October 2016. In fact, the Bombay High Court recently turned down the pleas filed by two fire cracker dealers seeking temporary licences to sell crackers in residential areas. The court said that its orders of October 2016, banning sale of fire crackers in residential areas, are still operative.

A division bench of Chief Justice Manjula Chellur and Justice Nitin Jamdar had dismissed the petitions filed by Malad Fireworks Dealer’s Welfare Association and Jwell Sales Agency, Dadar. These associations had sought temporary licences so that they can sell crackers in residential areas. They contended that their permanent licences were not renewed by the civic body and police authorities and so they must be given at least temporary licences.

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Having heard their contentions, the judges reprimanded the associations for approaching the court only a few days before Diwali. Accordingly, the judges refused to grant any relief to these fire crackers’ associations.

It may be recalled that it was in October 2016 when another bench of Justice Vidyasagar Kanade and Justice Swapna Joshi had banned the sale of fire crackers in residential areas. The judges had then said, “There is nothing wrong if businessmen take advantage of the festive seasons and make an effort to supply firecrackers to meet the large demands. However, while doing so, these businessmen have to ensure that while earning more profit they should have concern about following the safety regulations which are imposed by the Acts and Rules.”

“Ideally, where open place is available, all these shops should be located there, so that the damages, if any, would be minimum and it would be possible to regulate and monitor the storage and sale of these firecrackers,” Justice Kanade had said.