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Mumbai: Autodriver hangs self from Bhiwandi corporation gate


Mumbai: A 48-old-year auto driver committed suicide by hanging himself from the iron grill of Bhiwandi Nizampura Municipal Corporation. The police said the incident came to light on Tuesday morning when a passer-by found the body hanging from the grill; however it was camouflaged and covered with leaves. Shocked citizens at the site spoke about how the BNMC gates were closed, yet a person had managed to go up and committed suicide. The deceased has been identified as Gulam Nabi Shaikh, who lived in Noorani Masjid area at Bhiwandi. He hanged himself using a cloth, the police said.

According to the police, Shaikh, who was alone at his Bhiwandi home, went into depression after his wife left him two years ago. Unable to deal with his loneliness he took the drastic step.This incident has raised several questions regarding the security of BNMC. A local  resident said, “It is shocking  that despite four or five security guards deployed at the headquarters, such types of incidents occur.” Two such previous incidents have been reported. In the first instance, a man jumped off the top floor of BNMC to his death and, in the other, a person was crushed to death under the iron gate of BNMC which fell on him.

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