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Mumbai: After bandh, rumours of Currey Road bridge collapse spark panic


We have just entered in 2018 and Mumbai saw a huge protest today and it was declared Maharashtra bandh but as the day was passed Brihma Koregaon protest came to an end, but there was another buzz on social media that a foot over bridge in Curry road has collapsed, however according to Mumbai Live the bride has not collapsed only a pole which is used to construct the bridge is tilted.

According to Times Now machine constructing a Foot-Over Bridge (FOB) fell on top on a local train that had halted at Mumbai’s Currey road station,

However no causalities have been reported yet, there are two FOBs on the station and this incident occurred at the same location where army is going to construct the new FOB.

Earlier there was stampede at Elphinstone Road Station on September 29 and 23 people were killed.