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Mumbai: A crematorium policy no one knows about


Mumbai: The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has failed in spreading awareness about its own policy of providing free firewood at crematoriums in all its 24 wards. The civic body’s general body meeting, in 2008, had passed a proposal to give free firewood at crematoriums in all its 24 Wards to all sections of the society.

However, one of the contractors of the civic body, hired for providing free of cost firewood at crematoriums, claims that the civic body has failed to spread awareness about their own scheme.

The contractor, who requested anonymity said, “Firstly, the trustees of most of the crematoriums in the city don’t accept the free material as that would hamper their sale of firewood. We don’t earn any profit by providing the firewood as we charge Rs 900 for a cremation whereas crematoriums charge Rs 1200.

“The Bada Kabristan at Marine lines (C ward) denied acceptance of the free firewood. There are more than seven wards in the city whose crematoriums and cemeteries have not accepted the free firewood. Also, the civic body has failed to put up boards that state free firewood scheme at its crematoriums because of which there is no awareness of the scheme among citizens.”

The contractor added that the prices of the firewood sold by the trustees at every crematorium may vary.  Pradmaja Keskar, Executive health officer, rubbished such claims saying, “The civic body runs 46 crematoriums across the city. I am unaware about any such incidence where the trustees have denied from accepting the free firewood.”