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Mumbai: 85% diabetics undergo amputations, says doctors


Mumbai: According to data released during the ‘National Conference on Diabetes’ held in Mumbai on June 17, due to lack of availability of appropriate wound treatment, almost 85% diabetics are forced to undergo amputations. Dr Roy Patankar, Zen Hospital director, said amputations are done only on those patients whose diabetes are not under control due to which treating the amputation gets difficult.

Currently, 15% of India’s diabetic population suffers from ulcers in their lifetime. “Treating wounds is a challenge as physicians or surgeons needs to assess wounds accurately, recognize wound related problems and provide interventions such that morbidity reduces,” said Dr. Patankar. He added that around the globe, about 415 million people are diabetic and India has the world’s second largest diabetic population estimated to 69 million.

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With advanced technology, newer wound care products are helping surgeons to provide optimal benefits to patients. “To provide optimal benefits for our patients, well-known surgeons from across the country shared their experiences and knowledge on this platform. Wound debridement was one of the focus areas as it helps in the removal of necrotic tissue from a wound. This helps reduce pressure and stimulate wound healing,” said Dr. Patankar. The wound update conference included wound classification and evaluation, wound healing and scar formation.

“Chronic wounds, infections and wound closure or therapy along with case studies were a part of the panel discussion and conference,” said a surgeon present at the conference.