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Mumbai: 7-year-old dies as gas cylinder falls on him


In a tragic incident, a 7-year-old boy from Dharavi, Bilal Sheikh, lost his life on Wednesday, when a LPG cylinder fell on his head, after it slipped from the delivery boy’s hands.

Freak mishap
As reported by Hindu, the cylinder delivery boy has been identified as Mahakrishnan Nadar (28) and has been arrested by the police. A Dharavi police officer has said that the incident happened around 2.30 pm when Bilal was sleeping at his home. As the fan was not working, Bilal slept near the door to get some air.

The officer further added that Bilal was sleeping with the door open. Around the same time, a LPG cylinder was been delivered at a house on the first floor exactly opposite to Sheikh’s residence.

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PI Mohan Patil of Dharavi Police Station told Hindu, “A two-foot lane separates the two structures and there are external staircases that one has to use to reach the upper floors of the residential structures in the slums.The delivery boy was on his way to the first floor with the cylinder on his shoulder when it slipped and fell straight into the Sheikh residence, landing on Bilal’s head.”

After completing investigation of the case, the police registered FIR against the delivery boy. The police also said that Nadar did not try to run away from the scene. The police have kept him in custody and will be producing Nadar in court on Thursday. The Dharavi Police have registered an offence under Indian Penal Code Section 304A (causing death by negligence).