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Mumbai: 36 students debarred this year for copying and cheating in SSC exams


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Mumbai: 36 students have been debarred from appearing for Secondary School Certificate (SSC) board examination till March 2019 due to copying and cheating during examination. SSC results of 31 students have been ‘held in reserve’ as the inquiry against them is still going on while one student has been declared innocent.

A total of 54 cases of copying, cheating and involvement in paper leak were registered during the SSC board examination this year. These students were caught using mobile phones, social media, paper chits and other study material to copy during examination. While some students were booked to be involved in leaking examination papers and circulating it among other students.

An inquiry committee was set up by the state board to help the police investigate these cases. Out of these 54 cases, 36 students have been found guilty and have been debarred from appearing for board examination till March 2019. Subhash Borse, In-charge Secretary of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE), Mumbai division said, “We have found these students guilty based on the inquiry report of our committee and the police. These students will not be allowed to appear for board examination this year.”

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Only one student has been found innocent. While, results of 31 students are held in reserve because the inquiry in their case is still underway. Borse added, “We have declared one student innocent. While, we have withheld results of 36 students and kept them in reserve. When the police complaint was filed, these students were found to be involved in the cheating and paper leak case. We are inquiring the case along with the police and we will take a decision based on the report.”

A First Information Report (FIR) was registered in terms of two cases of paper leak this year. The question papers of Social Science and Information Technology (IT) subjects were circulated on WhatsApp and Instagram among students. While, in terms of copying, students were caught using paper chits to copy answers in the examination hall.