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Mumbai: 29-year-old man thrashed by policeman, incident caught on camera


On Monday, a video of police officer thrashing a 29-year-old man in Goregaon has gone viral on social media. In the video, it is seen that sub-inspector, Vijay Motling, is beating up 29-year-old Shahid Shifaat Khan. The sub-inspector had allegedly beaten up the 29-year-old for non-payment of the money which he’d lent 29-year-old’s family.

According to report by Mid Day, both Vijay Motling and ShahidShifaat Khan have filed an application to register complaints against each other; an inquiry by assistant police commissioner (ACP) of Dindoshi division has been initiated. In 2016, ShahidShifaat Khan’s mother Anis Fatima had borrowed R3.5 lakh from sub-inspector Vijay Motling. Vijay Motling had lent her money on an interest of 5 percent.

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“We know Vijay Motling since years; I call him uncle. Even after we returned the entire amount to him, he asked me to deposit the money to his family member’s account. He’s still demanding money from us, threatening me and my brother, who is studying in Jaipur, that he will trap us in false cases if we don’t. “On February 7 at 8.41 pm, he came over and started beating me from nowhere. I was shocked and didn’t know how to take it. He snatched keys of my tempo and handed them over to my society secretary Amit Jathar,” ShahidShifaat Khan told the leading daily.

While Motling maintained that the allegations leveled at him are false. After receiving complaints from both ShahidShifaat Khan and Vijay Motling the Dindoshi police has initiated an inquiry under the supervision of ACP Dnyaneshwar Jawalkar.

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