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Mumbai: 24 fast trains to take halt at Diva station soon


The services on Western Railway were hit badly during rush hour after two youngsters travelling on the roof top of Churchgate bound train were electrocuted at Vile Parle station. Several people were seen stranded.Mumbai; The services on Western Railway were running late after a man travelling on the roof top of a train was electrocuted. With the trains delayed commuters were stranded at the railway station during the evening peak hours. Photo by BL SONI

Mumbai: Central Railways (CR) has announced that atleast 24 fast trains will halt at Diva station soon this month. The new schedule is made by CR in which long distance train coming from Karjat –Kasara or Badlapur fast local will halt at Diva station. The CR, however, has not scheduled or mentioned about the Kalyan- Dombivali fast trains which do not halt at Diva.

Earlier this year, commuters from Diva had protest and staged a rail- roko against delay in train and insufficient train from Diva. Under the mega block, the work of extra two platforms and other works was completed on 23 October, from where the trains can halt at Diva.

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Some more works like – changes in announcement of station for trains and some technical work will also soon be completed. Till 10 December or before this facility by CR for Diva commuter to relax the commuter from slow train.

According to The Indian express A K Srivastava, AGM, CR said, Diva station, on account of many reasons, faces huge rush on a regular basis. The fast train halt at Diva station will relax the crowd in slow trains and also decrease commute time for passengers. However, we will also plan segmentation of trains in such a way that the speed and overall operations of trains do not get delayed”.

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The schedule show from CST Up 12 trains and from CST 12 train will halt at the Diva station. In the schedule Karjat, Khopoli, Badlapur, Kasara, Amnernath, Asangaon, Titwala trains are included, said by source.

 Following is the detailed time-table of trains that will halt at Diva

CST Down local schedule

Karjat 6.10 am 6.57 am
Khopoli 7.56 am 8.40 am
Karjat 8.29 am 9.16 am
Badlapur 9.15 am 10.02 am
kasara 9.42 am 10.29 am
Ambernath 11.22 am 12.09 pm
Kasara 01.15 pm 02.02 pm
Asangaon 05.18 pm 06.08 pm
Titwala 17.59 pm 06.47 pm
Karjat 06.21 pm 07.09 pm
Khopoli 08.48 pm 09.36 pm

CST Up local schedule

Karjat 5.56 am 6.55 am
Kasara 6.46 am 8.08 am
Ambernath 8.45 am 9.09 am
Khopoli 9.19 am 10.50 am
Kasara 10.10 am 11.34 am
Karjat 12.01 pm 01.04 pm
Badlapur 01.22 pm 01.53 pm
Karjat 01.32 pm 02.56 pm
Karjat 03.37 pm 05.01 pm
Badlapur 05.04 pm 05.36 pm
Titwala 06.21 pm 06.49 pm
Karjat 06.42 pm 07.45 pm