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Mumbai: 14-year-old girl leaps to death from eighth floor in Kandivali


Mumbai: A 14-year-old girl jumped from the eighth floor of a posh housing society of Thakur Village in Kandivali (east) on Thursday evening and died. The whole incident was captured on cellphone by a man who lives in a tower opposite the building from where the girl, Harshika Mayavashi, leapt off to death.

In a span of 45-days, this is the second nerve-wrecking suicide of a teenager in Thakur Village. On May 15, a 15-year-old boy, Sean Vaz, too had jumped to death from Challengers Towers after his mother stopped him from using the cellphone. Both Mayavashi and Vaz had gone to Gundecha Education Academy School at Thakur Village.

A private radio taxi driver, who witnessed this incident, recorded it, which went viral on social media platforms and was aired by news channels. “I was sitting with my two friends by the window on Thursday evening when I noticed the girl standing in the refuge area of Orchid building. I found something suspicious and immediately took out my cellphone and began recording the incident. I also alerted the gardener and a few others on the ground floor,” said Nitesh Ratan Payke, a radio taxi driver, who made the video.

In the 58-second video, Payke and his two friends are heard trying to convince the girl not to kill herself and even alerting people to help her, even as she ignored their pleas. The gardener and others rushed to the eighth floor to try and dissuade her; however, as they approached the ninth floor, they heard a loud thud. Ravi Shankar, the security guard at Orchid building, said, “The loud thud sounded like a bomb explosion and we took the elevator back to the ground floor, where we saw the girl lying in a pool of blood.”

The police recovered her cellphone and handbag from where she was found dead. Mayavashi’s father is an online insurance seller. The girl was rushed to the nearby Sai hospital where she was declared dead on arrival, said zonal Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Vinaykumar Rathod. The reason for her suicide is not yet known. An Accidental Death Report (ADR) has been registered at Samata Nagar police station and the investigations are underway. “No suicide note has been recovered. We are recording the statements of various people, including her parents, friends and eyewitnesses,” said DCP Rathod.Mayavashi lived with her parents and one sister in Gardenia Housing Society, which is a few metres away from Orchid building. She was studying in standard IX at Gundecha Education Academy in Kandivali (East). Mayavashi celebrated her birthday nearly eight days ago and was very happy, said a source.

After returning from school, she would attend tuition classes in the evening, which were in the same housing complex. “Mayavashi was very good at academics and scored well in Maths and Science. She was prefect in her school till last year. She came for the tuition class on Wednesday evening and did not seem depressed at all. She was bubbly and friendly with everyone,” said Kavita Drolia, a tutor. After conducting the post-mortem at Shatabdi Hospital in Kandivali (West), Mayavashi’s body was handed over to her parents on Friday. Mayavashi’s school and tuition friends were inconsolable as the body was draped in a white cloth. Her parents and close relatives were in no condition to speak.