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Mud-laced residual fuel hits MBMC’s waste processing garbage disposal woes


Bhayandar: Garbage disposal woes seem to be unending for the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC). Unable to find takers for the mud-laced, Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), operations at the solid waste processing unit in Uttan has come to a grinding halt for the past more than 10 days.

Consequently, while tonnes of unprocessed garbage has been finding its way directly into the open dump yard, the privately operated waste processing plant sitting on nearly 500  tonnes of RDF-a byproduct of recycling.

The combustible RDF, which is the residue of various types of waste can be used to fuel incinerators in cement factories and industrial furnaces.

However to use the waste byproduct as an enriched  fuel feed, there are specific guidelines mandating dust content  not more than  4 to 5 per cent, but  the RDF generated by the waste processing contains nearly 20 % dust. Sold at an average price of Rs. 2 per kg the RDF has been outwardly rejected by the buyers.

While mixing of mud in garbage during  road mopping work is being blamed  for the mess, private personnel from the waste processing plant deployed by the MBMC said  that efforts were on to minimise mud content by upgrading the trommels, screens , shredders and separators in the existing  set-up.  While the  MBMC is saddled with a daunting task of disposing off  around 450 to 500 metric tonne garbage per day, there is a serious question mark on its  efforts to ensure proper  segregation of dry and wet waste at source. Demanding immediate shift of the plant from the region, local villagers have been protesting against the emanating stench coupled with allegations that none of the standard operating procedures were being followed.

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