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Most parents don’t know their children’s interests: Survey


Mumbai: Even as parents in India feel that children who follow their interests build a happier tomorrow, most find it difficult to identify them, according to a survey.

“About 54 percent parents had ‘somewhat of an idea’ about their child’s interests, while 20 percent did not know what their children’s true interests were and the rest 26 percent said they have a very good idea about the interests of their child,” according to a survey conducted by Pinwi (Play-Interest-Wise).

Pinwi is a company focused on data-driven innovations.

Further, it revealed that about 73 percent of the parents felt their child’s interest was a reflection of their happiness, while 16 percent linked it to hobbies and 11 percent to aptitude. The survey was conducted among 800 respondents across the country.

The survey also said parents found it challenging when it came to their children’s true interests.

“Identifying their children’s interests was a primary challenge with 25 per cent finding it difficult to ascertain interests and 31 percent were unable to keep track of the changing interests of their child. About 40 per cent felt the need to understand in detail the ways, in which they could nurture their children’s interests,” it added.

“One pursues activities that are more performance driven, then earns education degrees out of peer pressure, and usually take up a career that is in demand but not always as per our liking. Most people we meet will say they would have picked a different career path, given a choice. It is no surprise then, in the long run, these decisions only lead to dissatisfaction and professional fatigue,” Pinwi Founder and CEO Rachna Khanna said.