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#Metoo: Vikas Bahl’s ex-wife slams ‘gutsy, fearless’ Kangana Ranaut


Mumbai: Vikas Bahl’s ex-wife Richa Dubey came out in support of the film-maker and slammed actress Kangana Ranaut for saying that the “Queen” director used to ‘bury his face in her neck’ and ‘hold her really tight’. Dubey took to Twitter on Friday and questioned Kangana, who has worked with Bahl in “Queen”, on why she continued to have a good friendship with the film-maker despite his inappropriate actions. She shared a post which read, “This is going beyond boundaries and tolerance level now this is not a #MeToo but a meme. I want to ask all the women if a man makes you uncomfortable and touches you inappropriately would you have a good friendship with that man?” Dubey added that “would you not cut ties with that man and make your interaction minimum with that person?

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