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MCGM lifts water cuts in Mumbai


Mumbai: The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) today revoked water cuts it had imposed on the the island city earlier, as water levels in lakes are now on par with that of last year.

A decision in this regard was conveyed by the officials of Water Department to members of Standing Committee at a meeting held in MCGM headquarters today.

“After studying the levels of water in the city lakes, which are on par with levels in lakes witnessed last year, we have decided to take back our decision of imposing a 10 per cent water cut on the residents of Mumbai,” Mumbai’s deputy municipal commissioner Ramesh Bambale told PTI.

The MCGM will also revoke the water cut it had imposed on commercial establishments who are currently facing a 50 per cent cut.

“All commercial establishments like hotels, restaurants, construction sites and packaged drinking water companies that were facing an acute water shortage will now receive water as usual,” he said.

Bambale said that a certain amount of water deficit still prevails in lakes, but the MCGM remains “hopeful” that the water bodies will be filled to their capacity by the time the monsoon season ends.

“We have 49 days of monsoons left in the city. We remain hopeful that the water in the lakes will be filled to full capacity by the time this year’s monsoon ends,” he said.

The MCGM had imposed a 20 per cent water cut in Mumbai from July 3, stating that a “water crisis” had cropped up in the city due to poor rainfall received in the month of June.

It then slashed the water cut by 10 per cent on July 30, as water situation in lakes supplying water to the island city improved following heavy rains in the city.