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MBMC apathy: Bhayander subway stinks and scares


Bhayander : The seemingly blind eye turned by authorities towards its upkeep has not  only  turned the subway connecting the east and west side of Bhayandar near the MTNL office into an unhygienic padarise but has posed a security threat to pedestrians.

Heaps of garbage, nauseating stench of urine, stagnant water trickling down the multiple leakages that have sprung up on the celling which looks like it will come crashing down anytime, red stains of paan on the walls greet pedestrians even as miscreants don’t hesitate to relieve themselves inside the subway during night.

Undoubtedly, the civic body has not got the subway cleaned for a long time. In addition to the unhygienic conditions, the subway is always dotted by beggars hindering the easy movement of pedestrians. The uneven flooring compounded by broken tiles adds to the danger of people tripping and falling. With no proper outlet for water, the subway turns into a virtual pool during rainy season as accumulated water becomes a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Another concern is the absence of proper lighting system and lack of security personnel, emboldening anti-social elements to target pedestrians. There have been cases when people have fallen prey to chain and bag snatchers.

With both other alternative routes – railway-over-Bridge and fly-over-bridge far away, thousands of pedestrians have no other option but to endure the risks of commuting through the subway. “The subway is in an extremely deplorable state and it’s high time the authorities wake up from their slumber to salvage the situation,” said Akash Desai, a regular commuter.