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Maharashtra state-run schools aim to give jobs to 24k teachers in 2018-19 academic year


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Mumbai: Over 24,000 teachers will be given jobs in state-run schools for next academic year. The state education ministry aims to lift the restrictions imposed on recruitment of teachers which has been in existence since the last four years. Schools under the administration of the state were not allowed to appoint teachers. Both government and private aided schools were appointing teachers on contract basis due to this freeze on recruitment. The freeze was initiated due to lack of funds.

But now the state education ministry aims to provide employment to these teachers. Also, two teachers will be appointed for 60 students and one teacher for 30 students. A senior officer of the ministry said, “Teachers will be provided jobs by April-May. Earlier there was one teacher per class irrespective of the number of students in that class.”

Large number of teachers were unemployed despite having completed Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) and Diploma in Education (D.Ed.) courses. Teachers also opted for private schools as they could not find jobs in state-run schools.

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Teachers claimed the ministry should fulfill their promise. Neha Sen, a teacher, said, “We did not have an option but to work for private schools. We hope this time the ministry provides us job opportunities as majority of us have even fared well in B.Ed. and D.Ed. examinations.”

Private-aided schools which are run by private management but receive grants from state goverment were hiring teachers on contract basis. A principal of a school, said, “We could not function with no teacher in a classroom. So, we started hiring teachers on temporary basis to continue with daily academic functioning.”