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Maharashtra government to tackle oral cancer, launches online tutorial


Mumbai: The Maharashtra government and Tata Memorial Centre have come together to tackle the rise in number of oral cancer patients in the state. In associate with Indian Dental Association (IDA), the government on Friday launched an online tutorial on oral cancer.

The official said that tutorial called ‘Oral Cancer: Diagnosis’ is available for free on  “The course is intended for physicians, gynaecologists, dentists and other healthcare professionals who are not oncologists,” added official. This is part of a national programme that will be carried out across the state by TMC in collaboration with state governments. In the first phase, it will be rolled out to all in service doctors in Maharashtra, in collaboration with the state’s department of health and family welfare.

Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi professor and head and neck surgeon and project coordinator, oncology tutorial said, “Oncology Online Tutorial aims to disseminate evidence based knowledge to the health care workers in the comforts of their home and work place.” “It also empowers cancer patients to ascertain if they are receiving the right treatment. It also allows the government to test and monitor the knowledge of their doctors in most objective manner,” said Dr Chaturvedi.

Cancer is a major public health concern and one of the 10 leading causes of death. Much of the suffering and death from the disease could be prevented through early diagnosis. The state health minister Dr Deepak Sawant said, “It will help to detect the cancer in early stage and be prevent the mortality rate in cancer.” The purpose of the videos is to education doctors and keep them equipped with the skills and latest developments on basics of oncology,” said the minister.

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