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Maharashtra Farmers’ Protests: Good Samaritans reach out to help distress farmers


Mumbai: Hundred of farmers marched from Nashik to Mumbai over the last six days barefoot. These barefoot protesters were being helped by good Samaritans. Many were seen distributing food like buttermilk, cold-drinks, vada paav to hungry farmers and policemen at Azad Maidan. A family from Vashi and Mahalaxmi were distributing food to poor hungry farmers.

Gaytri Subramaniam, a 50-year-old woman, spoke to Free Press Journal on how she valued the role of farmers. “They are the roots of our society, they cannot be ignored. If they are in distress then its the individual responsibility to help them along with the government.”

The Subramaniam family comprises of four members -mother, father, daughter and son-in-law came who had come all the way from Vashi to speak to the farmers and help them. “These farmers have walked long distances for six consequtive days and today too they are sitting on protest in the scorching heat. We have only given them some butter-milk. It is something small but has surely made us happy.”

She added, “Even for one day the APMC market remains shut or any vegetable remains shut citizens become restless, therefore their (farmers) demand should be addressed properly.”

Another Samaritan, who had come with a team of ten people from Mahalaxmi, remarked “because of them we get food to eat.” He elaborated, “They are the cultivators who produce crops for us, hence their distress should be of our prime concern. It is sad that they are forced to take an extreme step like committing suicide which should stop. It is time the government has to find a solution to it,” the Samaritan who did not wished to be named said.