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Maharashtra Farmers’ Protests: Farmer Pushparaj wants ownership of land he’s been tilling from childhood


Mumbai: A resident of Bapanvihir village in Dhundri, Nashik District, father of five children. A member of the tribal community from Nashik, Pushparaj wants ownership of his ancestral forest land of 4.5 acres which he has been tilling since his childhood.

“I am illiterate. I do not know in which year I was born, what is my age. I am not aware since when I have been cultivating my land. I can only tell you, I cultivate it, my father tilled it and his father used to till it too,” said Pushparaj. “I have a family of seven including, with four daughters and a son. All my daughters go to school, the eldest one being in the 5th standard and my son is a toddler,” he added.

Onion farmer who’s been seeking fair prices for years

A 31-year-old onion farmer from Junnar, Pune who has been protesting for fair crop price for years now.

“Minimum support price (MSP) is a problem. There has been no increase in pension since my grandfather’s time. I have a family of 6 to support,” said Mangesh. “The MSP of our produces range from Rs 5 to Rs 7 per kg to middlemen and wholesalers whereas the market price is Rs 20 to Rs 40. Why do not we have a say in this? I will not stop the agitation unless fair prices are fixed,” he added.