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Lok Sabha 2019 polls: Amit Shah says united Opposition won’t be able to defeat BJP


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Mumbai: While Congress on the one hand is trying to bring all anti-Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) together to prevent them from retaining power after the 2019 parliamentary poll, BJP president Amit Shah seems confident about his party’s future. During an interaction with social media team in Pune on Sunday, Shah claimed even a united opposition would not be able to defeat the BJP in the upcoming LS elections. While expressing confidence, Shah said that Narendra Modi would return for a 2nd term as Prime Minister.

In a sharp attack on Congress president Rahul Gandhi, Shah said, “Rahul Gandhi’s Congress party, which ruled the country for seven decades, now demands an account of the BJP’s rule of four-and-a-half years. But we are cleansing the Congress’ dirt of 70 years and will continue to remain in power for the next 50 years.”

He exhorted the party’s social media cell to arm up for the poll and combat the spread of “false news against the BJP government” with the vigour of a “social media warrior”.

“Henceforth, elections will be fought through the medium of social media. It is not enough merely to be able to use social media. The party’s aims and objectives must be clearly delivered through crisp and sharp posts,” said the BJP chief.

He stressed that “obtaining results” and not empty-headed entertainment was the real purpose of social media.

“If (NCP chief) Sharad Pawar blames the BJP government for farmer suicides, then our cyber cell team must immediately respond to him with the correct farmer suicide figures under the misrule of the Congress-NCP coalition in Maharashtra,” Shah said, urging the BJP cyber cell to remain vigilant in scouring newspapers and tracking down viral anti-government posts that speak out against the government’s projects.

Talking about the importance of social media in winning elections, Shah said that the ugly public feud between Samajwadi Party (SP) president Akhilesh Yadav and his father Mulayam Singh, which went viral on social media, paved the way for the BJP’s dominance in Uttar Pradesh after the 2014 Parliamentary election.

“Proper responses to anti-government posts must be based on thorough analysis. Remain active on all forms of social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Denials of anti-government propaganda must be a coordinated effort,” Shah told the gathering.

He further urged for the creation of a ‘Smartphone Swayamsevak’ at the booth level in order to maintain the BJP’s rule from the ‘Panchayat to the Parliament’.