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Litter at Deonar slaughterhouse left untouched


While Bakri Eid was celebrated on Tuesday, the purchasers and traders left behind a lot of things than the usual litter at the bloody slaughterhouse in Deonar. On Wednesday, post Bakri  Eid, heaps of garbage and parts of slaughtered animals were left untouched at the Deonar abattoir for a long time.

The traders of goats and water buffaloes have littered the entire slaughterhouse with tons of animal waste and garbage. Like every year, the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, who is in-charge of the Asia’s largest abattoir, is bound to clear the litter before the decaying of the animal waste, however, the condition of the slaughterhouse has deteriorated since the civic garbage vans have failed to process the entire garbage which resulted in piling up of more waste at the slaughterhouse.

According to a circular of the civic body, 114 civic workers and 100 workers from private firms will be deployed at the abattoir for the entire processing work. The cleaning process will be covered in three shifts instead of the regular two during the festival.  Around 2.32 lakh –to be slaughtered- goats arrived at the abattoir this year for Bakra Eid.

 A senior civic official confirmed, “The slaughterhouse has several animal cells where the dead animals are kept in order to prevent them from decaying. Owing to the massive number of sacrificial animals, around 200 workers are deployed for cleanliness of the slaughterhouse, processing of waste and clearing the waste of dead animals.”

In a bid to clean the slaughterhouse, the civic body has placed 18 garbage depots across the abattoir. “We are expecting around 7500 metric tonnes of waste to be processed during Bakri Eid. Moreover, we have also placed 18 garbage depots across the Deonar abattoir.”

The MCGM circular also states that a different shed has been made to store dead animals. However, the roads inside the abattoir were filled with parts of the slaughtered animals (mostly water buffaloes) and not a single garbage van cleared it. The parts of the slaughtered animals were lying there for hours with no civic worker to clean the waste.

JCB machines (to carry the animal waste) were present at the abattoir, however, they were parked and unused. One of the civic workers said, “The garbage van arrives in every 5 minutes to collect the waste. These vans are a frequent at all the garbage depots.”

The civic authorities were unable for a comment when tried contact. The site at the Deonar abattoir is more of a post-apocalypse scenario with unclean blood and parts of slaughtered animals on the ground than the usual meat market.

The Free Press Journal had previously reported about the space crunch and urgent need of modernisation at the abattoir.