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I owe my oratory skills to my school: Shashi Tharoor


Mumbai: Education is all about creating human beings exclaimed Shashi Tharoor, senior Congress leader and an alumni of Campion School. On the occasion of the platinum jubilee of Campion School on Tuesday, Tharoor expressed nostalgia remembering old school days, pillars of education and current need for improvement in whole education system. Tharoor revealed he learnt important skills like vocabulary, drama, interrogation, curiosity and values from this school.

“If people appreciate the way I speak then all the credit goes back to my school. I learnt how to speak through Elocution, Debates, Theatre, Writing and Creativity at Campion. Most importantly I learnt values at school from people, friends and teachers which are grounded in my being.”

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As the school completed 75 years, Tharoor stressed on the need for improvement in the education system. “Unfortunately, we spend too much time on preparing children for an examination. But the great examination called Life throws questions which one is not prepared for. We need to prepare students to face life.” He then mentioned his school days where he was allowed to ask questions, challenge concepts and exchange ideas.

Considering the changing trends, Tharoor encouraged the students to expand their horizons. “We all got to be inquisitive, interrogative and curious. We all got to question Why should things be done this way? And why can’t they be done in another way? That’s creativity and that’s the process of shaping a well-formed mind. I learnt to respect and appreciate people in 6 years of my schooling at Campion and I still remember my teachers and classmates.”

Tharoor mentioned teachers play a vital role in shaping a child. “School is a time when you learn outside the classroom. And my teachers always taught me beyond textbooks, examinations and curriculum. My school days have made a huge mark on me and whatever I am today.” Campion, ICSE boys school, is known to have created great alumni. Paul Machado, Principal of Campion School, said, “We began in 1943 and now we have completed 75 years. We look forward to completing 100 years of happiness in education and joy in understanding.”